Mentor's Moments

Challenge to a New Life:Going Broody

Spring is coming. Mommies are welcoming new babies. Country folks on farms everywhere say the hens are “going broody.” Have you ever raised chicks? The hen decides she wants to quit laying eggs for you and me and raise some babies, so she refuses to leave the nest. She hovers over those eggs.

This is the season of creation. New Beginnings. Easter. Each spring we see in our gardens the divine picture of the creative nature of God. In Genesis, the Holy Spirit “moved” over the waters. The Hebrew means “fluttered,” but newer translations read “hovered.” Maybe the country folks would say God broods over His creation. He hovers, flutters, broods still. Each time someone begins seeking Him, His creative work is seen again. And the exciting part is He continues brooding over us, hovering over us.

What is the first thing that proud parents say as they hover over their newborn? He has your eyes. She has your chin. She is laid back like you. He never sleeps, just like you. They are looking for their own characteristics, their genes reproduced in their offspring.

Likewise God hovers over us, looking for His nature in us. You see, when we are born again, He breathes His own Life into us, God life. Then He continues working out His nature in us. Don’t stop with one spiritual experience, profound though it may have been. Allow Him to continually brood over you. Let His Word work in you until Christ be formed in you, His child. The more we open ourselves to God, the more others will say: “She looks just like her Father,” and they will want to be born by the Spirit of God, too.

That is what MOPS is all about. God growing in us, and others longing for His life as they see Him in us. If you have never allowed God to begin His creative work in your life, in your home, talk to someone today. Let this be the best spring of your life, the beginning of a whole new life as a Child of God.

Charlotte Snead

Mentor Mom

April 2002