Mentor's Moments

It Is Finished

In Sunday School recently I learned that the Master’s cry: “It is finished!” was a typical victory shout in His culture, much liked our: “Give me five!” Of course He knew the plan of redeeming mankind, purchasing us back from the slavery of sin into which every one of us has sold ourselves, was finished when He paid the ultimate price. Because His blood was shed, we can be free.

Although He told us to make disciples of all nations, and we don’t see that yet, He still cried, “It is finished!” You see, He sees the end from the beginning. When two cells one a sperm, the other an egg, joined together, our babies were finished. Everything we arewas created in that divine moment: eye color, height, gender, unique gifts, everything. In eighteen days heartbeats can be monitored, at six weeks an EEG can trace the brain waves, at ten weeks all body organs are functioning. Safe and snug within us, they grow until they are mature enough to survive in the larger world. But they are not ours, they are the Creator’s Who made them unique and singular. He has a plan for their lives and He entrusts them to you for such a brief season. “Watch over these, My children,” He bids us, and we do best if we ask His help every step of the way!

How incredible it is to read Jeremiah:  “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,” God said, “and made you a prophet to the nations.” It is finished. Place your hand in the Potter’s hand as He molds and shapes the clay of your children’s lives.

Now my little ones are adults, but I promise you that they still shape and mold me, even as they did as infants, toddlers, children, and teens. How much more we learn from them than we are ever able to teach them! When I see His faith, Who says I will be conformed to the image of Christ, the Perfect One, I am overcome. Learn, grow, be happy . . . it is finished! God has a good plan for each one of them and for you, and He will accomplish it.

Charlotte Snead

Mentor Mom

March 2002