Mentor's Moments

Resurrection, April, 2004

This is the season we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, the core of our faith, its central theme. As Paul wrote, if Jesus is not risen from the dead, we have no hope, our faith is in vain. But He did, and that makes all the difference. No other religion has a Risen King Who defeated death and the grave. I talked to a Muslim taxicab driver once who told me he believed in Jesus, and I have talked to Mormons, but they don’t know Him. Neither of those faiths accept Jesus as the Word, Who was with God at creation, Who came out from God and went back to God, and took for Himself a human body that He might walk with us, and talk with us, showing us how to live this human life, and giving us access to all the resources of heaven by paying for our sin on the Cross.

Do you remember the Gospel accounts that tell us that when Jesus died the curtain in the temple in Jerusalem? A  big, thick, heavy curtain, tore in two, all by itself, from top to bottom.  What does that mean? Only one man in Israel, the high priest, could venture into that Holy of Holy place in the temple, and he went with blood sacrifices. Did you ever think about why we do not offer the blood sacrifices the Old Testament law requires? Because the Perfect Lamb, the God-Man was slain, and because His Blood was poured out, you and I can walk into the throne room of God. God Himself tore the curtain that separated us from Him. We can bring our babies to Him, our husbands to him, our own miserable selves to Him, because of what Jesus did on the cross. Wow!

Have you ever had your toddlers pull on the shower curtain? They want to see you face-to-face. They want to talk to you, to tell you they love you, to ask for your help. We mortal creatures can talk to God, the barrier is down, because He died and rose again.

So when you take your family to church on Easter, thank God that He loved you so much that He chose to take a human body and make it an offering for your sin. Me, I would have stayed with all that worship, all that glory. Why live in a human body and feel tired, face ridicule and scorn, rejection, and even death? Jesus had a good thing going in heaven, but He set it aside because He had you in mind, and He had to come rescue His little lost sheep. If you don't have a church home, talk to me or one of the Team, we'd be glad to have you!

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday,