Mentor's Moments

Leap Frog over this Aging Population

My husband is a doctor. Last week, he picked up some sample medications my doctor had given me for high blood pressure (one of those genetic gifts my father bequeathed to me). Joe read the information sheet, remarking: “When I was in medical school we didn’t have anything like this to offer folks. Praise God for the breakthroughs American pharmaceuticals have provided the world!”

And I do praise God! By the time my dad was my age, he had been hospitalized for his blood pressure several times, suffered excruciating headaches, and was headed for his aortic aneurysm surgery. He delayed it as long as he could because the surgeons were quite worrisome with their prognosis for the possible results, including a potentially fatal outcome. He came through the surgery quite well, and functioned fairly normally until he had a massive heart attack at age 70. He was left with 30% of his heart, but even so, he was able to drive to see us and enjoyed recreational travel until he died seven years later.

Now my generation is living longer, and I’m in excellent health. Do I think God allowed us to discover his mysteries just for Charlotte? No, indeed, it is all in His Master Plan. I firmly believe that we are in the End Times, and God needs your generation to mature quickly. Your children may just well usher in the King, for He has promised to visibly return to His creation a second time. We are in the most unusual generation, with a large aging population and the ability to save the tiniest of babies, all because of medical breakthroughs. More and more ministries, including MOPS and Focus on the Family, are tapping into the retired population to serve the maturing adults.

When I was young we played Leap Frog. We leaned over in a line and the child behind placed his hands on the back of the one in front and sprung over him. I want to do that for you. Will you place your hands on my back and leap over some of the obstacles and hurdles that took me days, weeks, months, and even years to overcome? I am not a remarkable person, I learned the hard way, but I can share my multitude of mistakes with you. Hopefully, you will be able to impart to your children years of experience because you have the grace to listen and learn. Love you!