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Romance is vital in marriage. I married in 1962. I began to mentor Mothers of Preschoolers in 1994. Every year since, my team insists I do my "sex talk," but it’s so much more. Being in right relationship with God, attending a vibrant and growing community of believers, choosing to forgive, to respect, and understanding submission is not surrender of self--all goes into the package that makes up a healthy marriage. I want to share it with you.

I write Romance to promote the marital relationship. God wrote the Song of Solomon, and he tells us the marriage bed is undefiled. Together we celebrate his sacred gift! For a good read, check out my books, my short stories, my devotions and my blog posts. 

The blogs, devotions, and mentor’s moments from those years are free. Use them, share them, but they are copyrighted. Please cite charlottesnead.com and invite others to the site. 


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Heaven's Gain
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Charlotte S. Snead

Heaven opened its arms wide and welcomed a faithful follower of Jesus this week. It’s our loss. We have lost a good and dear friend. A member of Joe’s Sunday School class, he was laughing and teasing on the table one minute and translated to heaven the next when his aorta burst. Here one minute, gone to glory the next. How quickly—are you ready? Am I? Don was, and he rejoices while we who are left behind will miss him terribly.

His beloved grandson, adopted from Russia, loved his grandfather—who was one of his first deep connections when he arrived in the states. He looked up at me at the funeral this morning and said, “Paw-paw died.”

I hugged him and said, “I know. He moved to Jesus’ house! And one day, when we do, we’ll see him there.” At the visitation last night, he brought a small John Deere tractor with a bouquet, and thanked his Paw-paw for taking him riding on the tractor. Victor is five now, and I covet your prayers for this little one who will miss his beloved grandfather beyond words. I pray for his widow, his sons, his daughter, but even more I pray for this little boy.

But what a legacy of faithful service Don has left behind. How can we ever fill the slack? Live each day as if it were your last, because it just might be. God help me to leave that kind of legacy.

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Cancun Wedding
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Charlotte Snead

I am at a destination wedding in Cancun. Awesome, right? Joe isn’t with me. And it’s Thanksgiving. Who would have a destination wedding at Thanksgiving this far from home? And who could afford two tickets to Mexico? We are celebrating the first wedding of my daughter’s college roommate, and Beth is with me, on the balcony. I hear the tropical birds, smell the sweetness of tropical plants, and we are touring this grande resort in a few minutes. I am over myself. I will give thanks for God’s creation, leave my sweetheart in our son’s and his wife’s capable hands—he is going to put a train track around their tree over Thanksgiving, to Alan’s delight. He’ll be more than fine, and he will eat well.

But mostly I will rejoice in these days, this time with someone I’ve loved since Beth went off to Marshall these—uh—um-teen years ago. The only roommate Beth ever had—she joined us during breaks, and she calls me ‘Mom.’ The minute I heard her squeal and her arms found my neck, I was thrilled to be here. Do you have the joy of people who immediately slip into their place even when you haven’t seen them for since a last visit fifteen years ago? What a huge blessing that is! And how precious and rare; I wouldn’t be any place else, and this weekend as she takes her vows, I will weep.

P.S.I like her guy! I wish them many happy years. They would have to live to be over 100 to have as many as Joe and I will be celebrating this December, but they are off to a good start!

God's Perfect Will
Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Charlotte S. Snead

If God had asked my opinion, I would have said it wasn’t a good idea for my daughter-in-law to conceive a baby at 46 years old. When their first son was born, doctors told her she wouldn’t conceive again because of a bleeding disorder. Taking that in stride, they adopted  a two-year old from South Korea when Caleb was 4. Four years later, they adopted a 6 year-old boy and a twelve-year old girl from China. Each adopted child has special needs, and they constantly fight for services for them. When Tom called to tell me to expect another grandchild, I asked where they were going, and he replied, “No, Pam is pregnant.”

Because the doctors didn’t expect her to carry the baby, they didn’t tell us or their children until she was three months along, and they sent us a sonogram.  “I said “He looks healthy,” and they said they hadn’t identified the gender, but we have eight grandsons. (Our other children are calling Joe “The Patriarch!”)

We returned from ten days in Seattle on Sunday.  Accepting  God’s sovereignty, we had prayed for the new baby to do a work in every member of the family, and, boy, has he! Blessed with his father’s laid-back nature, Myles  receives countless  hugs and kisses with unruffled equanimity. We arrived when he was mastering responsive smiling—he even pulled his pacifier out of his mouth to smile and coo. I’ve raised five babies, having two exceptionally good ones, and we have six other grandchildren, but this is the happiest baby I’ve ever met, and his mother is the most content I have ever known her to be.

God does all things well


On an Author Roll
Monday, October 23, 2017
Charlotte S. Snead

I have another eight thousand words on Gabriel’s Wings. I had to rebuke Satan because he was hindering. Fortunately, I had made a hard copy, because I had to retype the first 6,000 words three times! I figure it’s got to be a good one if the enemy is opposing it so hard.

I spent all day Saturday with the most wonderful folks in the world, pro-lifers, who spend their time,  energy, and money defending the vulnerable: babies, the handicapped, and the elderly, who can never repay them. I had a book table at the state pro-life convention. I signed books—one lady bought all five! (Which also helps!) I went ove to the church, where we had our consignment toy sale set up. The workers gave me all the left-overs for Beth’s foster kids and the Christmas party at the Pregnancy Care Center—moms who have earned enough points can sleect free toys for their children.

Sunday, our pastor preached on sex. I’ve heard very few sermons on this essential topic, and he did his usual excellent job. If you go to Centerbranch.ccbchurch.com (in Mt. Clare, WV), you can pick up the message there. Every married couple should hear this! Of course, you remember my tagline is “Sacred Passion—It’s God’s Idea.”

Thank God, I had my priorities right, because God poured out his blessings on my writing today. Doesn’t He have a way of doing that? Tomorrow, I go to the senior citizens high rise apartment to lead a Bible study. Always a blessing to meet with these precious saints, but I complained this morning about losing the time. Guess God showed me, didn’t He? He is so good.

Remember, followers to the blog help me get published, so pass it on! Feel free to check out short stories and devotions, all free.

Gabriel's Wings
Monday, October 16, 2017
Charlotte S. Snead

I began another book and wrote over five thousand words today. I received another invitation to submit, and a good story is burning in my heart, so I cranked up the computer. I will do the same tomorrow. My working title: Gabriel’s Wings.

Gabriel, a soldier in Afghanistan, comes home after the deaths of his parents in a car wreck. His ten-year-old brother with Downs’s syndrome has no other living relative. Gabe resigns his commission to care for him. Because Gabe is twenty years older, they must build their relationship. After selling the family farm to pay the medical bills and funeral expenses, Joy, a rising bluegrass singer, buys it and opens their broken hearts to love and new life.

Where do these stories come from? I literally dream them up, waking up at night with the nexus of an idea, praying, and writing from day to day as the ideas gestate. I wrote His Brother’s Wife in the six months I was in and out of Walter Reed Hospital, staying in Alexandria to help my family. I watched these boys limping or rolling into the elevator, facing the loss of limbs, developing the courage to learn to walk or use their hands. The burden for them overwhelmed me, and I began to write.

When I sit to type. I tell God, “If you aren’t here, I’m out of here,” and I wait. I fall in love with my characters and the God who gives them a plan and a purpose, no matter how much devastation they have experienced.

It’s a great adventure. I’d love for you to join me.

Las Vegas Happened
Friday, October 13, 2017
Charlotte S. Snead

America is in mourning, again. We’ve had 911, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston, but this was the most devastating.We hear moving stories of folks laying down their lives for others: wives, friends, and strangers. First responders running toward danger, and we grieve. We are bewildered. Heartbroken. Why?

Evil happens.

Senseless killing, lives cut down for no reason. Who could or would do something like this? We cannot wrap our arms around evil.

Not everyone agrees with me, and I respect your opinion, but if you have read my latest book, you know I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment.      

Joe bought his young wife a gun and made her go to the shooting range. Her mother’s boyfriend had impregnated her and doesn’t want her to testify. Joe wants her safe, but the man who pushed his way into their apartment was his own father, who escaped the penitentiary and came to kill his mother, another victim of abuse.

Desperate to protect her mother-in-law and her own new son, Candy prays and slips the gun into her cargo pants pocket. When Martha comes to the door, Candy calls out a warning. When evil rakes the door with bullets and turns the gun on her, she fires.

I am cautioned to avoid controversy in my blogs. But evil has no reason. It must be stopped. Tragically, it is usually a good person with a gun who stops it.

We don’t have all the answers for Las Vegas, and rumors swirl, but a team of shooters rushed the room, running toward danger, and evil was stopped. God bless everyone who laid down his life. God bless our first responders.

This tender story of love and healing is available at Amazon, Jan Carol Publishing, and my site.


Autumn reflections
Wednesday, October 04, 2017
Charlotte S. Snead

In the West Virginia mountains, when the colors are flung across the valleys, a magnificent Painter has created a masterpiece. The glorious riot of colors makes me sing and laugh with joy. (Wonder what people driving alongside of me think!) I want my life to go out in a blaze of glory, too. In the autumn season of my life, I pray I will reflect the colors of my life as beautifully as nature does. Each season has its own unique pleasures, so I embrace each one.

How often as moms we said: "Oh, I can't wait until she is toilet trained," or: "Boy, it will be a relief when he can sit up by himself."  We wish their little seasons to go by quickly. And then the last one drives down the road with his U-Haul packed. Believe me, it wasn't long.

 I wish I had the nature and ability to scrapbook. I love this new creative life record. I have boxes full of photos, but not much in order (and to put them in order will drive me insane!). Joe and I promise ourselves we will go through them when he retires. Guess we’ll have to contact Legacy!

I hold so many pictures in my heart: a shyly grinning girl hugging her baby brother close to her, a little black curly headed  beauty rolling down the levy in New Orleans, a blond tyke trying to stand on his daddy's shoulders to see the choo-choo, a curly towhead with an earnest expression pedaling madly on his John Deere tractor, a proud trombonist leading the high school band. . . oh, so many pictures in my heart.

If your children are still home, look at them when they are unaware. Take a mental photo, remember them in your heart. Enjoy them in the springtime of their lives. Each age is tough, but transient, even fleeting. Play with them, dance with them, laugh with them, listen to them, tell them how wonderful they are, how unique and special. When mine were little, I would lie down with them, hold hands and run across the grass, come on, if you can't do that, you are too busy. Remember, mothering is a proud profession!

Nothing replaces a mother. (But grandma comes close!) me, with our middle son’s baby