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Romance is vital in marriage. I married in 1962. I began to mentor Mothers of Preschoolers in 1994. Every year since, my team insists I do my "sex talk," but it’s so much more. Being in right relationship with God, attending a vibrant and growing community of believers, choosing to forgive, to respect, and understanding submission is not surrender of self--all goes into the package that makes up a healthy marriage. I want to share it with you.

I write Romance to promote the marital relationship. God wrote the Song of Solomon, and he tells us the marriage bed is undefiled. Together we celebrate his sacred gift! For a good read, check out my books, my short stories, my devotions and my blog posts. 

The blogs, devotions, and mentor’s moments from those years are free. Use them, share them, but they are copyrighted. Please cite charlottesnead.com and invite others to the site. 


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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Due to my accident—still typing one handed—I have not shared my most recent publication, available now on Amazon, “Winslow Farm.” For all my fellow West Virginians, the novel is set in Lost Creek. Published by Van Rye Publications, the book features Joy, who purchases a farm to escape the hectic pace of her up-and-coming career in Nashville as a blue grass singer. Upon arrival, she meets Gabriel, who was forced to sell the farm to pay his parents’ bills, but he remains on the farm as a caregiver, with his precious little brother, Brian, who has Down Syndrome. Because their parents were killed in an automobile accident, Gabe has resigned from the military to come home and care for the boy.

Inexplicably, Brian, usually painfully shy, falls head over heels for Joy, telling her Gabe plays the guitar, sings, and has wings. Gabe explains the lad saw a picture in his mom’s Bible and now insists he has wings—or does he?

Brian meets the first band member to arrive, Willy, the drummer. Despite Gabe’s caution it wasn’t appropriate, Brian convinces Willy to cut his “awful dreadlocks”. Joy does cut Willy’s dread locks, and Brian calls him William. Although Brian is not the only one to fall for Joy, Gabe informs his brother it isn’t appropriate to court his boss.

When Joy allows Brian to go off with her substitute guitarist, who is a bully, and Gabe discovers it, he grabs his rifle, and runs after them. She knows he was a sniper and fears when she hears shots, but Gabe has had to kill a mama bear outside the cave where her cubs are. She, Gabe, and Brian take the mauled guitarist to the hospital. Upon his discharge, Gabe puts him on the first plane. Joy fears Gabe hates her because of her poor judgement. Finding her in tears, Gabe confesses his love.

The drama increases because a deranged stalker threatens Joy, forcing a hasty marriage so Gabe can be with her 24/7.

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Typing one Handed
Friday, July 06, 2018

This will be a slow post because I’m typing one handed. Sunday a week ago I broke my left shoulder Like Pollyanna—anyone remember her?—I’m grateful it wasn’t my right one or I would have been more debilitated. I was going to begin packing my car, so I could leave St. David’s writers conference to get an early start home--ha ha.  I slipped on wet pavement and face-planted. Of course, I couldn’t get up, and I waited 20 minutes for another conferee to discover me. Someone came out of a nearby apt, and the two of them got me up just as another conferee drove up and took me back to the college. All my precious friends gathered and took me to the hospital. Scans and X-rays--no concussion but a fractured shoulder.

A friend sat with me for the hours it took for my son and his wife to drive up and get me and my car. Meanwhile, back at home, they left Joe at the hospital. In a fluke accident, a Japanese beetle had flown into his ear. It was removed, but they said it had eaten his eardrum and he would need a surgery to graft it. What a comedy of errors!

Our daughter’s judge was out of town, so she spent most of the week with us, working out of the house.  Joe saw our ENT Monday and he flushed a lot of blood out of his ear and discovered the drum was fine, only the canal had been eaten. No surgery; just drops in his ear.

Follow up x-rays Thursday confirm an amazingly easy fracture already beginning to heal. It’s been the blind leading the blind around here. I sleep in a recliner that can lift me on my feet, and lower me down, and precious Joe, no hearing impairment, sleeps on the couch. In our 55 years of marriage, this has been one of the for worse times.

Every day in every way I am getting better. Our heavenly father created the human body to heal, and it is doing its part.

Our trip to Nashville, with a visit to Johnson City
Monday, June 18, 2018
Charlotte Snead

After appearing on local TV in Johnson City, home of my publisher, Jan Carol, Joe and I drove to Nashville. We spent the rest of the week with our son, Steve, his wife, Mary Katherine, and their three adorable sons. We saw their new home, played in their yard, and went swimming at our hotel. The first day we went in the morning, and they all took long naps and stayed up too late, so we reversed it and went in the afternoon—they slept well that night! Steve and his wife prayed a long time for those children, and they are raising them up to be men of God. They will be 5 and 3 in August. The baby is too young to join in singing their grace, but he knows to hold hands and listen.

Steve left Belmont University, dissatisfied with the work environment. He now works out of Delaware for an organization that trains college students to counter liberal indoctrination on their campus. Called Intercollegiate Studies Institute, ISI establishes chapters at the schools, brings students to training conferences, and equips them to withstand the onslaught they face. He is still a fundraiser, traveling to solicit donors. He’s met some famous and fabulous people (check out their website). He worked every day we were there and scheduled a meeting in St. Louis.

Now, we look forward to seeing Dave and Shannon, and their son, Alan. We are so blessed with our grandsons! I’ll leave Joe Wednesday for my favorite writer’s conference, St. David’s, at Grove City University in PA.

Later in the summer, we will bite the bullet to fly out to Washington State to see Tom and Pam and their crew, four boys (two natural and three adopted, including our only granddaughter, adopted from China.) Having outgrown their home because of the surprise blessing of another natural son, they have moved to the country and a five+ acre place.

P.S. My new book, Winsow Farm, is discounted for a time at www.amazon.com/BO7DGMVH3T



I Hate Technology!
Monday, June 04, 2018
Charlotte Snead

I could sit and write all day—in fact, my plans for today were to work on the manuscript I want to complete before St. Davids Writers Conference the end of the month,. After I read Deano the Dino to Alan’s cay care class—how precious!--I gave a copy to each child and got hugs and an invitation from the teachers to come back and read again. Fill my heart. I have no greater joy than to read to children, and I am grateful my grandchidren’s parents read to them. 

When I came home, I had an email from Van Rye Publications explaining my new book, Winslow Farm, was ready to put on Amazon, and they were requesting I update my authors Amazon profile. Tear my hair out! After vainly trying to post my change in website information, I turned my my technocrat buddies at CelebrationWebDesign.com, without whom I could get nothing done. God love them. Credit is due—if you need website help, check them out. They sent me the link—funny how that works. They are the best.

As is Van Rye. When Deno delayed the publication of the next Hope House book, I found their request for submittions, and went to their site. They didn’t have anything like my romance books, but I popped off a pitch, figuring nothing venteured, nothing gained.They suggested I send it. To my surprise, they loved it! (I love this book.) and they began working on it immediately.I still can’t believe how quickly they edited the manuscript and prepared it for “summer reading.”   It should be available for a look see on Amazon in the next day or so.

Jan Carol promises to have Go for the Honey, my next Hope House book, out soon as well. I’ll post that cover next week. Of course it will take me forever to get the picture transfered to put here. Agg! I hate technology!

Bleckly Bunch 2018
Thursday, May 24, 2018
Charlotte Snead

This morning Facebook reminded me of an old post, about Joe’s high school reunion we attended three years ago. (You can reference the Bleckley Bunch on my old blog posts.) We pulled in last night around eight from that same gathering! One of Joe’s favorite expressions is: “Cream rises.” Maybe that is why he is the un-appointed organizer of the Bleckley Bunch. He arranges for dinner the first night, reserves the rooms, confirms it all, and sets up the following year.

As usual, we gathered in Anderson, S.C., at the beautiful Bleckley Hotel, a boutique hotel where they serve the most fabulous breakfasts you’ll ever eat. We rent the lobby and gather there for two days, visiting, catching up, and laughing at memories.  The first night we enjoy dinner across the street at Sullivan’s Restaurant, and the second night we bring in hamburgers. We catch up on who is there and why others are not.

I have been officially and graciously adopted into the Class of 1958. Despite the fact that it adds two years to my life, I am grateful that this rootless Army brat has found a place to belong. I embrace it warmly, and Joe is gratified that they warmly embrace me as a genuine participant. I can even join in to some of the familiar tall tales, and these good friends enjoyed and honored my new children’s book. We learned about their grandchildren, and they were astounded to hear about our a new grandson, born healthy to our son and 48 year-old daughter-in-law. 

Perspectives change in sixty years. No longer a rube, tongue-tied among girls and feeling inadequate, Joe is conversant with everyone, entertaining and witty. He has been a successful orthopedic surgeon for many years, and he has come to realize others didn’t agree with his self-image back then. Of course now, he is on the hospital board and is respected by his colleagues here. He has put countless people back to work, raised five successful children, and is still beloved by our foster daughter who calls us “Mama” and “Papa.” Life has been good to us.

Monday, May 21, 2018

For Mothers of Preschoolers at our church, my last devotion was this: 

Other languages and cultures say good-bye:

In German they say Auf Wiedersehen, which means  see you again soon – “wieder” meaning again“and “sehen”meaning “to see.”

In French: Au revoir(Oh reh-vwah)  literally means “until we each see each other again.”

We’ve heard “fare-well” but have we thought about the meaning. It’s a kind of prayer that life will treat you well.

Perhaps my favorite is via con Dios, in Spanish: Go with God.

So I’ll not say good-bye, I’ll say: Auf wiedershen, Au revoir  or Via con Dios May you and yours fare well. May your marriages fare well, or your singleness, because God has a plan and a purpose for you. May your children fare well and your mothering. I leave you in God’s hands, go with Him, and I hope my leadership and teachings have benefited you in some small way.

Because we will see each other again. We’ll have play days. l’ll drop in at Horizons chapter, or you can crawl up with one of my books.

I have loved my 22 years in Mops, and I am doing considerable grieving, but the good news is my writing career is growing, and I have more books to write, including a memoir and a couple of novels already on my computer.I will post them on my blog.

When I sit at my computer to write, I breathe a prayer: “God, if You’re not here, I’m out of here.” When I am the midst of creating and come to a blank spot, I go to sleep asking God what’s next, and He unfailingly me tells me where to go or even gives me the next chapter.  We serve a cool God, Who always cares what we are doing and wants us to do it excellently. Thank You, Jesus.

How can I leave you? How can I miss this group of precious women? It’s tough, and I’ve done a lot of grieving, but I feel a call of God to maximize the remainder of my time on this earth. Either I will leave or He will come. I want to make each moment count.

But no matter which, as my character in my upcoming book, “Winslow Farm,”due out in August, says: “I will love you forever.”







When it Rains
Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Charlotte Snead

Monday it poured. Morton’s salt would have been amazed—do you remember that ad? When it rains, it pours? 

I received two edit revisions from two different publishers—the next Hope House book from Jan Carol, “Go for the Honey, Winning Cathy”—the story of a fifteen-year-old run-away who was lured into the sex trafficing trade. Kind of a contemporary theme these days with all the revelations of politicians and media people being exposed. Hopefully this redemptive story will bring many folks to healing and wholeness in Christ as Cathy struggles to claim her righteousness as a gift from God. It’s the only rightness we sinful mortals can claim,  but claim it we must to pray with faith. “Go for the Honey” is Davd’s father’s revelation of how to win Cathy, from the Song of Solomon.Yes, “Sacred Passion is God’s Idea.” David’s love and his mother’s testimony brings her to healing—at least her first step.

The same day, I recieved the final edits from V?an Rye,  for “Winslow Farm.” I got it back to him after catching a big goof—a daughter called her mother by her given name “Joy” instead of “Mama.” Haha, but we fixed it. I returned it to him the next day, and he said I read fast. I read two manuscripts and got them back in two days! God prospered the work of my hands—to Him be the glory. 

I will have a big change in my Christmas email (The Snead Saga) this year. After all these years—22 of them—I am giving up mentoring for Mothers of Preschoolers. The writing is claiming more time—it’s not just writing, its social media for marketing, and getting them sold! It has been a productive season for me—“Deano the Dino,” “Go for the Honey,”and “Winslow Farm.” I should have some covers to forward for you to see soon.

As always be blessed, be strong in the Lord and in the work He has given you.