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Romance is vital in marriage. I married in 1962. I began to mentor Mothers of Preschoolers in 1994. Every year since, my team insists I do my "sex talk," but it’s so much more. Being in right relationship with God, attending a vibrant and growing community of believers, choosing to forgive, to respect, and understanding submission is not surrender of self--all goes into the package that makes up a healthy marriage. I want to share it with you.

I write Romance to promote the marital relationship. God wrote the Song of Solomon, and he tells us the marriage bed is undefiled. Together we celebrate his sacred gift! For a good read, check out my books, my short stories, my devotions and my blog posts. 

The blogs, devotions, and mentor’s moments from those years are free. Use them, share them, but they are copyrighted. Please cite charlottesnead.com and invite others to the site. 


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Using vulnerability when you witness
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Charlotte Snead

How many of us have learned, “The Four Spiritual Laws, or the phrase“If you died tonight, do you know where you would spend eternity?” We know catch phrases, but when an opportunity arises, we fumble the ball because we are imperfect people, obviously imperfect. I submit that vulnerability is the best testimony because we are all flawed, and God loves us anyway. I find when I talk about a mess of my own making and God’s rescue, people can identify with that because we have all messed up.

Once, under stress, I slapped my son across the face. Thirty-five years later I can still see the image of my handprint. He fled, but moved behind the curtain and I brought him out. I confessed my sin and asked his forgiveness. Driving the kids to school, tears rolled down my cheek. He asked why I cried, and I replied that I had sinned against him, and worse, against God.

“Mom,” he asked, “does the Blood still work today/”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then I think you should be glad, not sad. I have some Cheetos in my lunchbox. Do you want some?” The one against whom I had sinned pronounced my absolution. I have been able to share my testimony through 22 years of MOPS ministry by sharing this failure.

Use your vulnerability. God delivers us from our own destructions—praise his Name!

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Help your favorite author get published
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Charlotte Snead

Most people read books that someone personally recommended. With Amazon reviews and Goodreads, we can elaborate why we liked a book.(Please do that!)

If I particularly like a book—it’s challenging, informative, or convicting, I often purchase it as a gift. I give away a lot of my books! Books make excellent gifts. Too few people read. Several people have told me one of my books was the first book they had ever read, cover to cover. How sad for them. (How encouraging for me.) How do they learn, grow, or find entertainment? Joe and I sit across from one another, each with a book. He’ll read something out loud, or I will, and we discuss it. Sometimes I end up reading his—currently Brian Kilmeand’s book The Miracle of New Orleans. Recently, I re-read two trilogies by one of my favorite authors, Kristen Heitzmann--Diamond of the Rockies and the Mitchelli Family. On Facebook, I shared that her faith-filled books make me a better person and challenge me to live my faith openly. FB is a great way to share a good read—as is conversation, blog post comments, and twitter, or Pinterest.

Loan your books out—sometimes you won’t get them back, but if you don’t, they’ve impacted your life nonetheless, and you can impact another life.

When someone subscribes to my blog, it helps me to get published. Publishers look at the number of subscribers, so feel free to print them off and share them with others.

Reference things you have learned from what I’ve written, either in a book or in my blog. One of my fans told me she can never reads my books just once, because she learns something new every time. Wow, what a compliment!


Trials are Testimonies
Tuesday, January 09, 2018
Charlotte Snead

Trials become Testimonies

Sometimes Joe and I will face things—more month than money or a difficult situation, and we will say: “We’ve plowed this row before,” and go confidently to the Throne of Grace.

Shadrach said to Meshack, “We’re in trouble now, boys, the king is going to kill us all,”

And Abednengo said, “Remember when we were in the fire? The king called us out, saying: ‘Didn’t I throw three men in the fire. Who was that fourth man who had the appearance of the Son of God?’”

When the hungry crowds faced the Master, a little boy gave his all—but 5 loaves and 3 fishes—what is that among so many? Then the Master lifted his eyes and blessed the food; the Master broke it and it was more than enough.

Recently a visiting doctor covered for our hospital. He was from Alexandria, Louisiana, where our son had been stricken with spinal meningitis when he was five months old. When Tom had convulsed for four days with a temperature spiking to 108, a kindly attendant told us, “You might not want to pray for his recovery.” Fast forward over thirty-five years, and the Taliban has breached the gate of the NATO building in ?Afghanistan where our son was working. In twenty minutes, his wife called: “I heard from Tom, and he’s okay.” Joe sat down and wrote our pediatrician a thank-you note for this visiting doctor to take back home to give to his neighbor, our pediatrician.

In September, our son welcomed a the baby doctors had said his wife would never have. After Caleb was born, when they received the doctors’ pronouncement, they rescued a son from Korea and later two children from China—this man we might not have wanted to pray to recover. 

“Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing the testing of your faith produces patience.” (James 1:3)

We go through trials that seem unbearable, but the Master is among us, and He is more than enough. The trial that seems unbearable will pass, and the same Master will help you face the next one, but your faith will be stronger, and it will be more than enough.


Does God have a portal to heaven?
Wednesday, January 03, 2018
Charlotte S. Snead

Taking down the Christmas tree the morning, I asked God for another Christmas with Joe. We’ve shared fifty-five, but we lost another friend this week—another good and faithful servant.

I often used to wonder if heaven has a portal where the Great Cloud of Witnesses looks down at us, encouraging us, praying for us. Though God cautions us not to seek communication with the dead, I think they do.

I’ve never been a grave visitor. I like to walk in graveyards and read the epitaphs. Joe has collected a few, including: “I told you I was sick.”   Mine would read, “She never ran a fever,” because I don’t. But after my daughter lost her first child, our first grandchild, his burial plot was a point of contact for me and I did visit and leave flowers. One day when he was about four, I sat beside his grave, prayed, and asked God if he would know me, or if we would begin our relationship in heaven. It was Easter season, and in Sunday morning service, I looked up at the screen where we page parents and watched it change into a large screen. I saw my grandson, remembering him from when we saw him after his birth.  (Being only five months along, his heart beat a mere ten minutes, but the hospital let us hold him for a while.) He was joyously running, as only four-year-old boys can, his laughter trailing behind him.

I watched, and he turned and looked over his shoulder, grinning,  and waved. He knew me. I’ve never questioned since. I’ve been at several deaths and watched my love ones pass over, greeting those who have gone before. It is an eternal glad reunion. No more good-byes. Hallelujah and Amen!

Anthology in January
Friday, December 22, 2017
Charlotte S. Snead


Last year I won a contest and got a contract for A Place to Live, and Jan Carol Publishing added the rest of the Hope House Girls series. Always My Son came out this summer, and Go for the Honey—Winning Cathy will be out soon.

This year I won a contest and a novella One Snowy Day is being published in an anthology with three other authors by Roane Publishing. Keep those contests coming!

When the publishers advised me to identify my story appropriately, they added they were open to LGTB submissions. Whoa! Did I want to be published by these people? Prayer time—and the answer was “Yes!” This opens the crossover market to me. I didn’t compromise—my characters prayed, attended church, and behaved as the openly Christian people they are. Perhaps some reader will love them and reach out to read my bog or my other books. Readers have come to know the Savior through reading my books—why not? So I completed the proofs and returned them. The book will come out in January, and, yes, a character in another of the stories has a gay daughter.

God loves all mankind, including gays and lesbians, transgendered, and bisexual. He didn’t come to save the righteous, but  publicans,  tax collectors, and folks who sit in churches—folks  who are like I was fifty-five years ago, lost and confused. My prayer is some of them will read this little novella and reach out to the One who carries us in His Shepherd’s arms to the Father’s house where we are welcomed.

Writing from Heart-felt Experience
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Charlotte S. Snead

I write romance books without shame. As the mentor mom for Mothers of Preschoolers, I know young women need edifying romantic stories. Romance is tough for them. Toddlers are pulling on them all day, often waking them at night. They are tired, and their husbands are working hard to provide for their families. Men in general are not the most romantic creatures, and yet they need physical reassurance from their wives. My blog tagline is “Sacred Love is God’s Idea.” (charlottesnead.com). My novels encourage women to keep romance flowing in their marriage by demonstrating it in the lives of my characters. (We were married in 1962, and I know!)

Once, I told a young wife to read The Song of Solomon prior to our meeting for marital counseling, and she said it was “an R-rated book!” God celebrates Christian union the marriage bed is undefiled (Hebrews13:4). My books are fiction, but

most of the conversations come from my experiences with young women as a MOPS mentor and working with girls in the pregnancy ministry. The stories are heart-felt, and the needs are real! In one of my books, the counselor and therapist work with girl to prepare a young mother, a “graduate” of the home, for her marriage. She had been sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend until she conceived at 17. They note that they teach young women the things they should have learned at home. I see the failure of the Church to communicate the joys of marriage and the benefits of waiting for the sacred union God provides. 


As an author, I affirm the passion God created (yet none of my characters enter that joy until after they are married).

Heaven's Gain
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Charlotte S. Snead

Heaven opened its arms wide and welcomed a faithful follower of Jesus this week. It’s our loss. We have lost a good and dear friend. A member of Joe’s Sunday School class, he was laughing and teasing on the table one minute and translated to heaven the next when his aorta burst. Here one minute, gone to glory the next. How quickly—are you ready? Am I? Don was, and he rejoices while we who are left behind will miss him terribly.

His beloved grandson, adopted from Russia, loved his grandfather—who was one of his first deep connections when he arrived in the states. He looked up at me at the funeral this morning and said, “Paw-paw died.”

I hugged him and said, “I know. He moved to Jesus’ house! And one day, when we do, we’ll see him there.” At the visitation last night, he brought a small John Deere tractor with a bouquet, and thanked his Paw-paw for taking him riding on the tractor. Victor is five now, and I covet your prayers for this little one who will miss his beloved grandfather beyond words. I pray for his widow, his sons, his daughter, but even more I pray for this little boy.

But what a legacy of faithful service Don has left behind. How can we ever fill the slack? Live each day as if it were your last, because it just might be. God help me to leave that kind of legacy.