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Romance is vital in marriage. I married in 1962. I began to mentor Mothers of Preschoolers in 1994. Every year since, my team insists I do my "sex talk," but it’s so much more. Being in right relationship with God, attending a vibrant and growing community of believers, choosing to forgive, to respect, and understanding submission is not surrender of self--all goes into the package that makes up a healthy marriage. I want to share it with you.

I write Romance to promote the marital relationship. God wrote the Song of Solomon, and he tells us the marriage bed is undefiled. Together we celebrate his sacred gift! For a good read, check out my books, my short stories, my devotions and my blog posts. 

The blogs, devotions, and mentor’s moments from those years are free. Use them, share them, but they are copyrighted. Please cite charlottesnead.com and invite others to the site. 


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MOPS--not with a bucket
Thursday, March 22, 2018
Charlotte Snead

Those of you who receive our annual Christmas letter—the Snead Saga—Know I have been a mentor mom for Mothers of Preschoolers since my grandson was 3. He’s 24 now. That’s over 21 years.  I began my writing career because these women showed me Christian women need edifying reading that encourages romance in marriage. Every year during February they requir me to share about marital intimacy around Valentine’s Day. I show them Christian books on sex in marriage—The Penner’s book Intended for Pleasure. and Sheet Music and Sex Begins in the Kitchen by Kevin Lehmen.

When I sit at my computer to write, I say, “God, if you’re not here, I’m out of here.” Then I envision “my girls.” I remember their lives because I was there once. When you have a toddler and two or three little ones, your husband is working hard to build his career to support them, and you, well, you are just exhausted. You wipe noses and bottoms, pick up toys and chase kids. Once you get them down, you collapse.

In other words, romance is the last thing on your mind. My tagline for the blog reads: “Sacred Passion is God’s idea.” God put the Song of Solomon in Scripture. He invented the marital relationship. Paul admonishes married couples to not deny one another (I Corinthians 7). God made a plan. He designed us, and said “It is good.” This is my calling; to stir up romance in marriage. It is one of the glues that can hold a good marriage together. Try it—I guarantee you’ll like it.



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Ready for Spring
Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Charlotte Snead

Please, God, send spring.I know many of you are more desperate for spring than I am. (Perhaps our lovely Caribbean cruise whetted my appetite) but this year, spring cannot come soon enough!

Each unique season renews me—even when winter begins—but already daffodils are poking through, promising all that the season begins. I long to see the Mountain Laurel  burst into bloom beside my front porch, and smell the sweet fragrance of lilac bushes outside the garage—when you bring them in the house, they permeate the whole atmosphere. I remember Paul’s challenge to Christians that we should bear the sweet fragrance of Christ to the world. Wow! God grant that I may be lilacs to a lost and decaying world. Summer is okay, (and more tolerable in the mountains), and fall is glorious. I love to see the radiant colors in the mountains, rolling down into the valleys.

But spring invites us to partake in what lies ahead, sweetly enfolding us in colors and fragrances, reminding us of the glory of our Creator. Sometimes I raise my hands and shout out my praise to the eternal, immortal, only wise God, Who loves us enough to allow us to live in His magnificent creation and, through Christ’s sacrifice, enables us to live in an even better one as we pass into eternal life. Can you imagine anything better than the beauty that surrounds us? But we have it on His Word that an even greater place awaits us. As Billy Graham says, we’ll only change our address.

By the way, did you see his funeral,? If you didn’t, search it out on U-Tube. It was more than a tribute to an evangelist, it was a song of praise to the Master he loved and served so well.

To God be the glory!


Blessed Author, Patient Husband
Wednesday, March 07, 2018
Charlotte Snead

I went to bed at almost one this morning. This is me, early to bed early to rise, but I got caught up completing my latest manuscript, which started out to be “Gabriel’s Wings” but morphed into “Winslow Farm.” I believe it is my best book, and I’m praying about a publisher. It is a romance, but it has more pathos and tragedy.

My first children’s book is coming out soon—that’s exciting.“Deano the Dino Goes to the Doctor.” I plan to take it to my three grandsons’ preschool classes, leaving each member of the class a complimentary copy. (We stopped on our way through Johnson City at my publisher and confirmed the release.)

Also coming out soon is another Hope House book about a girl who ran away from home and got caught up in the sex trade at 15. She struggled to learn righteousness is the free gift of God—her husband and his mother helped her. Jan Carol has two more of the Hope House series under contract.

Last night, I wanted to complete this project, which I set aside to take our cruise, and I couldn’t let it go. Joe went to bed before me—that never happens! He stuck his head in the door later and saw my compulsion, so he went back and listened to his IPad. What a guy. We went to sleep with his arms around me. I am blessed—blessed with his understanding, his support, and his love.

May you be so blessed.

Cruisig withForever Friends
Sunday, February 18, 2018

Joe and I’ve spent eight days cruising with forever friends. Three couples from our church accompanied us on an eight-day cruise to the Southern Caribbean. And we laughed, sometimes at jokes, sometimes at ourselves, even at our foibles.  I don’t remember a cross word. Sometimes we negotiated activities, sometimes we went our separate ways. I spent time at the spa, they didn’t. They took excursions, and we didn’t—Joe hung with them on one excursion. (I’d rather spend time at the spa, and they’d rather snorkel.)

We all wandered the shops. At our favorite stop, Bonaire, we bought packets of sea salts for gifts, enjoyed ice cream, and shopped. We bought shirts for the grandchildren and bargains for ourselves. We exchanged photos and took too many. And we laughed. A merry heart doeth good, like a medicine.

We made memories and shared testimonies—God has been good to all of us, and our faith grew—we learned things about one another, our struggles and triumphs, our joys and sorrows—we shared burdens and victories, too, because they are easier and more joyous when shared. And we laughed.

Now, the daily demands of life will press upon us, but we have resolved to come together once a month to continue the bonds we have begun and build upon them. We will continue to strengthen one another. There is a friend that is sticks closer than a brother, and he is our brother in Christ. That’s what we find in Mothers of Preschoolers and in our small groups. We simply cannot do this life thing alone.

So, may I repeat: find you some Forever Friends, and won’t you be mine?

Forever Friends
Saturday, February 10, 2018

Have you ever had a friend or relative that you don’t see regularly but when you finally get together, you start where you left off? We visited my cousin and his (relatively) new wife this week. They moved from Virginia to Florida. We attended their wedding in Virginia, but weddings afford no time to get to know one another, so we thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them. As usual, my cousin and I continued where we left, rejoicing over what God has done in our lives and swapping tales of our kids and grandkids. He and I were almost like siblings—both our parents were in the military and we lived nearby, at times even sharing a home while we got relocated. Such memories. Laughter and tears mingled, with no need to explain.

What a blessing to know our relationships will last throughout eternity. I recently posted we will have no good-byes then. Our prayers for our loved ones are answered, and we will see them again. Each Christmas we read greetings from those we haven’t heard from since last year. “Graduated” MOPS moms scattered from Texas to Pennsylvania, high school friends. Photos—oh,how the children have grown! College classmates. High school friends. I wish for you forever friends. Friends who understand the ups and downs we have known, the heartbreaks and the joys, and sometimes they stood with us through those seasons, becoming even more dear.

I am coming to think those of you who share my posts are becoming “Forever Friends,” and that makes me happy.


Deliver us from the strife of tongues
Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Charlotte Snead

Experts strongly warn a blog referring to controversial topics—denominational references or politics—lest the writer be divisive. Despite the universal acclaim of the State of the Union speech—even CBS polled it at 75% approval—I won’t make specific remarks, but rather let’s talk about a larger concept.

My mother-in-law intensely disliked Joe’s aunt and criticized her constantly. They had considerable strife over grandparental favoritism; Mother felt her son was left out when the children were babies. Add to the mix that Mother’s son died when he was seven. I knew nothing about their long-ago controversy, before my time, but I loved Aunt Leslie. She took her husband’s parents into their small home, and she was always good to us. We visited her often, especially after she was widowed, and she always had something for our children.

I strove to avoid arguing with Mother, but I continually prayed: “God, deliver Aunt Leslie from the strife of tongues.” (A Scriptural prayer.) Also Scriptural is: “the curse causeless shall not come.” Mother lived with us, and despite her son, (my husband) continually exhorting forgiveness, she railed constantly about her sister-in-law, who had long since passed away.

This is background for my prayer for our President and his wife. Despite their many flaws—God gives us all do-overs, He is a Redeemer, after all—the constant barrage of criticism against them needs to stop. Join me as I pray that they would be delivered from the strife of tongues.   

Using vulnerability when you witness
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Charlotte Snead

How many of us have learned, “The Four Spiritual Laws, or the phrase“If you died tonight, do you know where you would spend eternity?” We know catch phrases, but when an opportunity arises, we fumble the ball because we are imperfect people, obviously imperfect. I submit that vulnerability is the best testimony because we are all flawed, and God loves us anyway. I find when I talk about a mess of my own making and God’s rescue, people can identify with that because we have all messed up.

Once, under stress, I slapped my son across the face. Thirty-five years later I can still see the image of my handprint. He fled, but moved behind the curtain and I brought him out. I confessed my sin and asked his forgiveness. Driving the kids to school, tears rolled down my cheek. He asked why I cried, and I replied that I had sinned against him, and worse, against God.

“Mom,” he asked, “does the Blood still work today/”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then I think you should be glad, not sad. I have some Cheetos in my lunchbox. Do you want some?” The one against whom I had sinned pronounced my absolution. I have been able to share my testimony through 22 years of MOPS ministry by sharing this failure.

Use your vulnerability. God delivers us from our own destructions—praise his Name!