In The Works

A Place to Live

Can God bring a pregnant teenager who has placed her baby for adoption to a new life of fulfillment and ministry?  The first book in the new series, The Hope House Girls, will be published in the near future, probably this fall. A Place to Live is Laura’s story. She lived in a maternity home for a season with four other girls, and surrendered her baby boy to a loving Christian home. She doesn’t return home to her estranged parents, living with a friend from Hope House, then a roommate, and by herself, until she meets a fellow graduate student. Ben is studing for the ministry. They marry, and she adopts his son and moves into his apartment. The marriage brings her into ministry and him into healing from the bitter unforgiveness he clung to for the woman who abandoned him and his sickly infant. Watch God’s sopvereign mercy unfold in his redemtive work! When he accepts a pastorate, they return to his family farm where Laura finds her place tro live and they raise their family. 


When I am in your Arms

Can a fatherless man learn to be a father after a lifetime of abuse?  In When I Am in your Arms, the second of four books in the Singing over Me series, Ian O’Malley, gifted Irish-American musician has come home to the family he abandoned 20 years ago. He brings his young Hispanic friend, producer, Nick Jo Costas with him from Nashville to help him start his own production company. After two brief, failed marriages, Nick is frightened to try again, especially when his heart is captured by a sweet, life-long Christian, a widowed mother of three. Ian prays the song he writes for his wife, “When I am in your Arms,”  will convince Nick to try to find God in the arms of loving wife, but can their relationship triumph over culture conflict and prejudice?

Missy's Song

Missy is critically injured and pregnant, and Tim refuses to leave her side. When she sings, the unborn baby moves, but what impact will the trauma have on her development? After trying weeks of quiet waiting, Julie Elizabeth Raines is taken by C-Section and is miraculously whole.  Tim is convinced Missy’s Song saved their baby.

As invitations mount and adoring fans require more and more of their beloved singer, the O’Malley producer convinces Tim she belongs to more people than her family and her church. She is reluctant to expose herself to the publicity of a public ministry. Who can convince her God has a larger plan for her? Will this shy mountain maid who is content with her quiet life and her long-awaited family be able to accept the call of God on her life? And what does God require of both of them?

Nick's Heart

By the grace of God, Nick Costas’s life is spared after being diagnosed with a congenital heart condition, and his contagious love and devotion for his wife profoundly impacts the surgeon who operated on him. Nick’s beloved friend and mentor, Taylor Wilson, propels him into Christian conference ministry, first with his testimony and then sharing about marriage in workshops.

Barbara Costas is no public speaker, but she loves her husband like crazy. Realizing she is a debtor to God for the joy Nick has brought to her life in her marriage, she reluctantly accepts the invitation to speak at a Christian conference. As she feared, the irrepressible Nick embarrasses her. Can she live with yet another challenge from this man?