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Romance is vital in marriage. I married in 1962. I began to mentor Mothers of Preschoolers in 1994. Every year since, my team insists I do my "sex talk," but it’s so much more. Being in right relationship with God, attending a vibrant and growing community of believers, choosing to forgive, to respect, and understanding submission is not surrender of self--all goes into the package that makes up a healthy marriage. I want to share it with you.

I write Romance to promote the marital relationship. God wrote the Song of Solomon, and he tells us the marriage bed is undefiled. Together we celebrate his sacred gift! For a good read, check out my books, my short stories, my devotions and my blog posts. 

The blogs, devotions, and mentor’s moments from those years are free. Use them, share them, but they are copyrighted. Please cite charlottesnead.com and invite others to the site. 


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Dark Time
Friday, December 14, 2018
Charlotte Snead

Winter isn’t so bad—it’s cold, but you can layer. But Dark Time is depressing. The worst day of the year is the shift from day light savings time, when it gets dark so early in the day. When I visited Tom in Ecuador, it was daylight at 6 am and dark at 6 pm. The rhythm had comfort. When I lived in Alaska, it was daylight all summer—we had to wear eye shades to sleep at night, and winter was dark. If Mom wouldn’t be home, she had to leave lights on for us to get off the bus. But as a kid, I got used to it. We had a skating rink in the middle of our housing circle, and I’d strap on my skates and skate in the street-lightened rink.

The older I get, the tougher it is when daylight turns to Dark Time. Wednesday night services are torture because it’s so dark driving home,  and getting kids up for an early bus to school is even more tough.

I get sleepy. As a morning person, I find myself dozing off when it is dark. Give me five am, and I’m ready to go. My husband can sleep anytime, and he will make up for a late night by sleeping in. Me, I wake up at five every morning, no matter when I’ve gone to sleep. I’d prefer to keep daylight savings time year round. Who said we had to get dark in the afternoon? Around here it gets dark about 4:30! The day is not long enough to get everything done.

But if that’s all I have to complain about, I have nothing to worry about because new every morning is His love, and His love is all we need.


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Catching Up
Thursday, November 29, 2018
Charlotte Snead

As much as we enjoyed our trip, it’s hard to get caught up. Apparently, a publishing contract was lost in the mail, and emails were totally far behind. We got in at 1 am Tuesday because our flight out of Chicago was delayed. We arrived in Chicago with snow on the ground there and here in Clarksburg. Joe is a nervous flier and de-icing did not minister good cheer. He was late for work on Wednesday. I’m catching up, no longer huffing and puffing, and currently addressing the laundry.

Hope to set up our tree this weekend. Pam got hers decorated while we were there and sent us home with decorations for ours. She decorated the house, even the banisters on two flights of stairs. My house is nowhere near that. How she manages with five children, and several at-risk kids. She has to oversee homework and handled a sick baby (ear infection) while we were there. Super woman. Tom is amazing—he does all the laundry (over-fills the washer and the drier but Pam says he gets it done.).

We missed a visit with Steve and family, but they spent time with nearby, staying with Dave and his family. The Nashville kids missed Pop and the train room, but Steve’s mother-in-law urged him to visit Alan, an only child who needs his three cousins from Nashville. Good people.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

With Fourth of July, this is my favorite holiday. No frantic last-minute gifts to purchase, just gather at a festive table and appreciate the ones you love. We are in Washington State with Tom and Pam, Caleb, Min, Jackson, Lilly, and Baby Miles—the sweetest child who ever lived. He looks around, gets everyone’s attention, and joyously claps. We all join in. Tom will cook the turkey on the deck and we will look around the table and soak up our loved ones. The blessings of the Lord have overtaken us. 
The day after Thanksgiving, we will purchase the tree and decorate it. I bought a beautiful ornament for it. Today, Joe and I went up to Snoqualmie Falls and had breakfast at the lodge, then I found a jacket to replace one I lost. 
This is our first time in their new home in North Bend. When Miles arrived, they didn’t have enough bedrooms, and they were happy to move out of Issaquah where where their classmates measured their wealth by how much they wore, i.e. watches, phones,, etc. Tom told them to count up trips to Korea and China, and the adoptions they paid for. They realized siblings had far greater value!
Caleb, now in middle school, played on the football team. They are settling into a new school which offers more services for their at-risk children. Lilly, also in middle school in the special ed program, sings in the choir. Min, in fifth grade, is reading at grade level, having conquered his vision struggles. Jackson, who is too bright for his own good, struggles to pay attention. And Miles claps. Mom went to the school to gather all the information on how the children are performing (or not), and brought the hammer down last night. She and Tom have their hands full with these children, but we measure their’ progress from afar and stand amazed at what they have accomplished.





Veterans Day
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Charlotte Snead

Joe and I were asked to speak at our adult fellowship the Sunday evening before Veterans Day, and we were also interviewed for a presentation at our church. The two young men who came to do our taping learned a lot of history—proof, as Joe says, that history begins when you are two or three years old. They knew nothing about Vietnam and said they’d never been taught about that war in their history classes. (We showed them some books to read.)

I spoke about how I met Joe for his R&R in Hawaii despite the fact that his base had been hit in the Tet offensive and several medical personnel had been killed. He testified that God had moved him out the afternoon before because he was being transferred to another base. We didn’t have cell phones and internet in those days, so I went on faith. (I was pregnant, and my OB said I couldn’t go later.)

We had a glorious time together—it was the only time Joe saw me pregnant with our first child. We had a 50% discount to stay where they made the movie South Pacific. (The folks in Hawaii were generous to us because they had tasted war on their shores during Pearl Harbor.)

The hardest day in my life was the day I put Joe back on the plane, praying but not not knowing if he would return to see our baby. One of the guys in the audience teared up when he heard that. Joe and I have been married 55 years, and roots like those kept us through the hard times.  

Election Day
Tuesday, November 06, 2018
Charlotte Snead

This is the most precious day of the year: Election Day. Unless I’m going to be out of town, I like to dress up and go to my polling place, see my familiar people, and cast my ballot. (This is the unique joy of living in a rural community.) I never miss whether it’s midterms or the big one. It is an honor and a privilege to choose those who will govern for you. Even when my choice is not the winner, I honor the choice, and I am angered by those who don’t respect the will of the American voters..

How could we not pray for those in authority over us? It’s a commandment, people! I admit I struggled to pray for the previous administration. I saw them disrespect the flag, comfort our enemies, and persecute conservatives. When the attorney general refused to confront intimidation at the polls and his IRS refused to grant status to conservative causes, I was infuriated, but I never said “He’s not my president,” because he was: the people had spoken.

I find it easy to pray for a president who has increased jobs, made better trade deals, works tirelessly comforting hurricane victims, synagogue killers, and loves our military and our first responders. How can you not? When the pastor who was returned from Turkey joined the President in the White House and put his hand on his shoulder, I bowed with him, Yes, Lord, fill this man with your blessed Holy Spirit to lead this nation in righteousness.

I don’t worship this president,. I know he is flawed—but, so am I.

Welcome Tour
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Charlotte Snead

       Joe and I dancing at the hospital dinner. He works at Stonewall Jackson Hospital in Weston.   

   I had book signing table at the WV for Life convention last Saturday in Fairmont, and I signed many newcomers to receive my blog via email. I thought I would encourage you to look around the site. Charlottesnead.com has a tagline: Sacred Passion is God’s idea, and my goal is to encourage romance in Marriage.

As a mentor mom for Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) from the time my first grandchild was two year old until this year—he is now24!—I have seen women’s struggles at this period in their lives. Toddlers are exhausting, husbands are worn out building their careers to put a roof over their family and clothes on their backs. Romance can be leached out of the relationship. I married in 1962;I remember, and I encourage young moms not to allow that to happen! Romance is vital to marriage—it is God’s idea.

So, if you have received the post in your email, I encourage you to go to charlottesnead.com and look around the site. Look at the old posts that pique your interest. Check out all the tabs. The mentor moments (from monthly newsletters) are from those mentor years, and I gave the devotions. My books are available for purchase. Lots of wisdom in those writings! You may share, but please acknowledge and give my contact information. All you newbies, welcome, and old dogs, learn new tricks.   

Be blessed!





Thursday, October 18, 2018
Charlotte Snead

Does your favorite author not know how to spell fornication?

No, I just got your attention to share a true story that brought me conviction.

Several years ago I went to my local full service gas station to get a tire fixed. While I was there, the young lady who helped with the counter and lived with the owner’s son, told me they were getting married. “Praise the Lord,” I said and gathered the details. She said the week before a “preacher lady” from another town had come in to have her tire fixed and they talked while she waited for her repair. The preacher lady told her she was “fornificating” to be living with someone when they were not married. My little friend didn’t have to have the correct word to be convicted; she simply needed to know the truth, and they decided to do the right thing. To add to my own conviction, she asked me (a long time customer) if I knew they were “fornificating,” and I had to admit I knew, but I hadn’t shared that with her.

Last month we had a guest evangelist at our church. The last time he was with us several years ago we had complained bitterly about him, for just cause—he had some errors in his teaching. However, he had grown up, and he was amazing. We heard good truth; people were saved, healed and delivered, but I was not able to get my family to attend because of my former complaints. They missed a blessing because of me. All I can say is “Father, forgive me,” and deliver me from a critical spirit.