Mentor's Moments

All of the Mentor’s Moments are a collection gathered from Charlotte’s years spent as a mentor mom to her local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group.

Always a Mom

My oldest son is 33 years old. He is over six feet, weighs about 230 pounds, and he is solid muscle. He is in Special Forces. He runs five miles a day. He has been to Russia, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and places I will never know. He has lived in Spain, Korea, Panama, and Ecuador. He is a Major in the Army, and a leader of men. His commanding teachers, officers, and a U.S. Congressman have written us letters commending his service.

This spring he wrote us that his wife of five years had left him. I was being treated for Graves Disease, and when his email came, I had been unable to get out of bed for the better part of a week. I got on the internet and made reservations to Ecuador. Now, I have a wonderful husband who supports me in everything I do, but he had to wonder: “How are you going to do this?” I reasoned that the doctor had estimated I’d be taking supplements by that time, so I should have some energy by the time the plane left. I emailed Tom that I was coming, and I went.

I went to Ecuador, and Tom and I had a wonderful week together.      Read More…


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