Public Appearences

I will be at the Stonewall Jackson Jubilee at Jackson’s Mill, Lewis County, WV, on Sunday, September 4 from noon until five PM signing and selling books I will personalize your Christmas gifts.

Charlotte Snead is available for public speaking engagements.                              Contact Charlotte

I can read for your school class, library day, or Christian group from my published books or my manuscripts.

I do presentations on: healthy sexuality. abstinence for teens, child abuse prevention, and Christian discipleship. As a certified abstinence educator, I have gone into public schools. As a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) mentor since 1995, I have spoken to several MOPS groups in West Virginia and Maryland. I am willing to travel.

I will be glad to adapt a presentation to your groups needs. 

Popular Presentation Topics:

Believing God for your Husband: I attended church by myself for ten years, the last five of those I brought 3 children. I prayed and prayed, but only when I learned how to pray in faith did I see him come to faith. I learned this in January of 1971 and by May of that year, he was wholly committed to God.

What is faith?:  Faith can be vague, but God defines it specifically. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. If you are not seeing answered prayer, learn how to apply God's principles and find rest.

Surviving toddlers: I am the old lady who's been there, done that, and I'm living proof you can outlive your toddlers. I have the eleventh commandment for young moms and a few secrets to help you. My goal is to share my mistakes openly, so perhaps you can avoid them!

The Blessings of Motherhood. Why choose motherhood? Should I stay home? Should I home-school? What about those oh-so-bad days when you honestly wonder if you are the worst mom in the world?

The joys of the empty nest: Maybe this will be a while for you, but you can prepare now! How to build a lasting relationship with your husband when the kids are gone.

Why Choose Life (when abortion is so easy, and legal)? : As President of the state affiliate of then National Right to Life Committee, I have encountered every argument for abortion. As the founder of the Central West Virginia Center for Pregnancy Care, I have seen every compelling reason, and I have seen God triumph in countless situations.

Recovering from an Abortion: AT one point the statistic was one out of every five aborted women sits in a church pew.  Maybe they have come to Christ, but have they been healed. We need to reach out and love on these women who are mothers of dead babies. They grieve. They feel worthless, suicidal, angry. Jesus is there for them.

Recovering from a Dis-functional family: As the daughter of an alcoholic, I lived the crazy topsy-turvy world of a mom who totally blanked out last night. As an adult some of the techniques that enabled me to survive damaged my relationships. How do you learn healthy patterns when your childhood did not provide adequate role models?

Healthy Sexuality: (Sometimes called R-rated, it's Scriptural!) Every year my MOPS leadership team demands this presentation, usually during Valentine's season. It's always a crowd that day! Practical, humorous,, down-to-earth and essential for a happy marriage.

Protecting your Child from Sexual Abuse: With pedophiles in our neighborhoods, locker rooms and even in our families, it is imperative for moms to know how to protect their children. Once again, a frank open discussion of a vital topic. 

My Personal Journey: How I found a relationship with Christ and milestones along the way. We overcome by the Word of our Testimony and the Blood of the Lamb.