Mentor's Moments

the Way to the Top--Motherhood andNext Year's Team

In our dog eat dog society, where the rule is step on anyone to get to the top, Christ’s ways are paradoxical, and motherhood is a decided advantage for advancement. Those who truly embrace mothering as a proud profession will find it the most excellent training ground and preparation for promotion in the Kingdom of God. Unlike other kingdoms,
princes and lords in this kingdom are not born to authority. Christ said in Mark 10: “Whoever wants to become great among you will be your servant. Whoever wants to become great among you will be a slave for everyone.”

Motherhood is the job that can never be handed off. When a child is frightened or ill, he wants mommy. In fact, in battlefields of war, young men can be heard crying out that beloved name. No matter how tired you are, or how hungry or sick, you must place their needs first before you can truly rest. We get the kids settled,  then we collapse. That’s why I say motherhood—if applied properly—can be the greatest school for sainthood. Mothers choose a life of servanthood—we serve our children, our husbands, our churches, schools and communities.

MOPS is a wonderful avenue to introduce your friends and neighbors to Christ. Here in a Safe Place, women can learn to be better wives and mothers, sharing their struggles and failures to be lifted up by friends. They can rest and play, laugh and cry, and go home rejuvenated. Here also you have an opportunity to step up to the plate
and serve the moms who need MOPS.

To those of you who have found MOPS a refuge, and a place of spiritual growth, imagine life without MOPS. . . .  Without servant-hearted women, we have no MOPS. It takes a Team to prepare this special time, from decorating to programs, from welcoming to continuing communication and contact. It takes time and effort, all while you are
parenting toddlers! But, as Jesus promises, servanthood has its rewards: training, development, and personal growth plus depths of friendship and loyalty. Mistakes are made, and friends cover. Inadequacies are revealed and friends accept and love. Being on the Team is challenging work, but, like motherhood, if embraced and properly applied in your life, it will make you a better person and a better servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Today we have stacks of descriptions of the open Team positions, and applications to take home. Please consider your part in the Team of next year. Without some of you, it cannot happen.